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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

To-Do Tuesday #36 and mini quilt finish

 My 36th week of linking to Home Sewn By Us for To-Do Tuesday

Here is the list from last week

To-Do Tuesday week of September 15 through September 21:
  1. finish hand quilting mini three crazy sisters quilt ✅
  2. start Cool Cats quilt in blues ✅
  3. FMQ 4 days this week ✅
1.   I have blogged about this before in previous posts.  The pattern is by Joe Cunningham on Craftsy.  I wanted to make a small version of the quilt in the class and needed a little quilt on the wall in a space next to my Beatrix Potter collection.  I started this collection of figurines 45 years ago!!  A friend and I enjoyed collecting the little books and then after we had all of them we started collecting figurines.  My favorite character is Hunca Munca.  
I hand quilted using Aurifil #12 purple thread.
Photos of my Beatrix Potter mini three crazy sisters quilt.

2.   I gathered as many blues that I have collected to use for a blue Cool Cats quilt to make for a friend.  I started cutting out some of the pieces.  But I need to find more lights to go with these fabrics.

Did anyone do a jelly roll quilt on Saturday....Jelly Roll Day?  I started sewing some strips together but not definite on a pattern yet.  The roll I used was Handmade by Bonnie and Camille which I purchases on sale several years ago....with no definite plan!  I have made several of the shortcut quilts from tutorials (Jelly Roll Jam I and Jelly Roll Jam II and Slice) from the fatquartershop online.  There isn't a lot of contrast with the strips in this jelly roll.   

And this past week we celebrated our 59th wedding anniversary!!  It doesn't seem possible that many years have gone by.....soooo fast!

To-Do Tuesday week of September 22 through September 28:
  1. Get at least half of the Cool Cat pieces cut out
  2. figure out where I was on the Apple Crisp quilt and finish cutting and start sewing
  3. decide on a fall project to make
I am linking to Roseanne's 

Be sure to see what everyone else is doing and join in the fun!!

Smiles and hugs....Caryl


  1. I love your Beatrix Potter mini quilt. Your quilting is perfect!

    1. I really love it too....it is so neat to see it when I walk into the bathroom. Thanks Karen.

  2. Hi Caryl! What a pretty collection of blues and they play so nicely together, too. Hmm, I have a fun pattern that uses a Jelly Roll almost completely but it is better when there are distinct lights and darks to the set. Of course, I can't possible think of the name - I've made it twice and spiral quilted it. That's no help at all! I can't wait to see your Cool Cat pieces - your friend is going to love it. Thanks for linking up. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Hi Roseanne...Here is a list of those I checked out and questioned.... FQS twist....ripples....railway....Jenny Doan 2 step...Jordan log cabin and log cabin with 16 patch. They all looked like fun to make.

  3. Your little quilt is darling with your collection! Great pull of blue fabrics. No I didn't do any jelly roll project. But I did sew;)

    1. Thanks Vicki. I do some kind of sewing every day and I really didn't need to start another project....but I couldn't resist the Jelly Roll Day since I had some jelly rolls sitting there with no project plan!


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