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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Log Cabin Loonies Linky Party Week 6

 This week I started several new projects.......one was starting to make log cabin blocks in black and white!  I had these black and white 1" strips that I wanted to use and also started another project with them...shown later in this post.
My total now for my other log cabin blocks that I have posted in the past weeks is now up to 55 little blocks!
 Saturday was Jelly Roll Day and I had to do something with a jelly roll....I just had to!!!  I picked Attitude Girls by Mary Engelbreit from 2008....a jelly roll I have had for a long time!!  I posted photos on IG on that day.  There is something about opening up those jelly rolls and actually deciding what to do with them that is a problem sometimes..........but I got it started!
 Here are some of the strips sewn up.....I am doing Jelly Roll Jam II a shortcut free pattern from fatquartershop.com.

 We had our 57th anniversary yesterday and this is a selfie taken in Julian sitting on the bench on Main Street.  We love going out into the country and it was a grand day!
 We ate lunch at Lake Cuyamaca and I had a turkey burger and fries.  Usually their fries have a special coating that makes them better than anywhere......but these were just regular.  But still good.  I don't eat fries very often and when I do.....they have to be special or forget it!!
Here is the project I started that I mentioned earlier...but I am taking it apart and got a photo before it is apart.  I will make the color smaller and it will be a small project....if I finish it!!

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Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Log Cabin Loonies Linky Party week 5

And now I have 48 tiny 4½" log cabin blocks.  This is a fun quilt along and I am having great fun!

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Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Thursday, September 6, 2018

HST placemats and easy triangle tool

 These did not start out to be placemats......
to make these I used the easy triangle tool I had purchased and used in 2012 and then forgot about it!!
Several weeks ago I decided to use some charm squares of Pat Sloan's Hometown Girl to make a mat.
 This photo is the second one I finished this past week after I decided these would be placemats.  The size is a little different than my others....16 ½" x 8½".
I blogged about a runner I made with this tool in 2012 and it is http://carylquilts.blogspot.com/2012/12/christmas-hst-runner.html  and there is a link on that blog post to the September 2012 blog post where I show the ruler.  Designed by Wendy Mathson.
This ruler is called fast2mark easy triangle tool   You mark on the lines and SEW on the lines.  AND no need to square up afterwards!

Next I am going to tell about something I usually don't do..........decide to quit on making a quilt that I have started!!  But I decided to quit making the Regatta quilt that I started in January.  It was with a sew along with Home Sewn by Us.  I have photos I took this week of what I had done so far.  I had half of them in the strip sets with the light strips.  I have them draped on a long table ready to continue but I woke up yesterday and decided I have too many other things I am doing and I will use all of this fabric for other quilts.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Weight Watcher lifestyle~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Here is some really good peanut butter banana bread I have made serveral times now using a recipe on WW site and IG.....Kodiak cakes and Quest protein powder and it is low points.  There are many versions of this recipe and might be called salted caramel banana bread if you are searching for it.

 The WW lifestyle is all about choices and planning and tracking!  This is not a diet and you can eat any food you choose as long as you track it.............and there are NOT lists of things not to eat like the old WW days!
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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Log Cabin Loonies Linky Party Week 4

 Another week of our log cabin loonies quilt along and now I have 27 blocks done.  The photo shows some of them laid out.
 My system of stacking in stages and each one waiting for the next strip to be sewn on and get moved to the next stack!  It is fun to have this system!  In an earlier post I showed the strips in groups waiting to be used.  Now.....this is so fun and I think more people should join in this fun!!
I won a gift from Julie in a drawing and look at those beautiful fabrics and great thread!  Thank you again Julie!!  I have started using some of this fabric in these log cabin blocks.

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Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Log Cabin Loonies Linky Party Week 3

 Oh what fun to make these cute little blocks!  And there are so many different layouts to use.
Such a fun quilt along.........be sure to check juliekquilts to read more about this quilt along.
I have been posting about my system for making these little gems!  See previous posts.
And I am also working on some little HST mats.  Photo of one of my favorite things....walking foot quilting next to seams!  More about these in my next blog post later this week.

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Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Monday, August 20, 2018

Log Cabin Loonies Linky Party Week 2

 Time for posting about progress on the Log Cabin blocks!  It is fun to be sewing with others doing this log cabin quilt along!  You can still join in with juliekquilts and did you know there are prizes?

The first photo was taken last Friday of the first blocks I finished and I posted on IG and on FB in my Cinnamon Holiday Workshop Group.
 The second photo is one I took today and it shows my system for doing these sweet little blocks!  The board has blocks finger pressed and ready to add the next strip to each one.  On the top stack on the right are blocks that had a strip sewn on them and waiting their turn on the board!!  And the bottom right is the stack of finished blocks so far.  See my last post for more of my system for doing these blocks.
Yesterday we had a nice walk along the harbor.  It was a good way to get those steps!!

Oh....I won the drawing from the first week of Log Cabin Loonies....thank you Julie!

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Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Log Cabin Loonies Linky Party week 1

 Tuesday is the day for sharing our progress on our log cabin blocks.  This is such fun and I can't wait to see how everyone else is doing!

The first photo is my test block....for this log cabin quiltalong hosted by JulieKQuilts.

The blocks are 4½".  The strips are 1" strips and the centers are 1½" squares.  And I think it is more fun if the centers are stored in a cute dish!  I got the idea from Julie.
 Second photo was at the sewing machine with the chain piecing of those little blocks.  I am not pressing with an iron until the end like Julie suggested and it is what she does.  Finger pressing goes a lot quicker!!
This is the photo I took last week when I was starting.  Julie has directions on her blog.  Piecing is done counter clockwise. 

I have been making tiny log cabins before....but I go clockwise with my other log cabin blocks.  AND I don't have the lights and darks....they are mostly mediums all scrappy.  Now I am searching for darks and realize I don't have as many darks as I do mediums in my stash!  But I will keep searching....I have my fabrics in various areas of my house!

I hope those reading about this will join in the fun!  Here is the link to the post about directions:

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Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Some small finishes plus more

 Finished crazy improv miniquilt made to fit on top of old cabinet made by my father-in-law many years ago.  It is a cherished piece of furniture in our bedroom and I decided it needed a colorful top.
I blogged about the start of this miniquilt in my July 1 post here

Photos as I was putting it together.  A very fun process of making quilts.  Craftsy class by Jacquie Gering.
Then I decided to make a little potholder with some leftover pieces.
A finish from last month is the little red and aqua mug rug...plain but I love it!
Back of the mug rug....these are fabrics by Pat Sloan.
And I made another Solstice block....I have 9 made and not even half done with them yet!

For those who like to make log cabin blocks...................
Remember the log cabin loonies?   Julie is back with a 14 week sew along making 4" blocks.
The link to her blog post today is here 

More to share....another day....

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Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Creative Bliss!!

 Fun day of creating from one thing to the next!  My favorite walking foot quilting.  In the photo I am quilting a mug rug.
 I put a wad of old rubber bands together and dipped in acrylic paint and pounce on a piece of old folder and then in my creative journal for a background.  Yesterday I did the deep lilac and let it dry and today true red using same wad of rubber bands.
 Polka dots and little lines with pearlescent paint in my Midori for a background.
 Photo shows making patchwork paper to use in my journals.
 This photo is from what I did several days ago....trying to make a corner block for the mug rug.  I need more practice in machine quilting...(it didn't look as good as the one I did last year).   I turned it into a sample to practice different techniques. I used Dye-na-Flow ink from the bottle with a dot on first then I used a liner brush.  I tried an Inktense pencil with aloe gel and with fabric medium.  The one I like best is with a Copic marker.

And last is a photo from our walk this past week at Lake Miramar.  I like the way the sun was shining on the water and making it sparkle!
Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Improv piecing of quilts

Craftsy Unlimited is such fun...........sooooo many classes that are so interesting!!!
I watched Jacquie Gering do Improvisational Piecing and I had to go grab some fabric and start making strips using her method.  The photo shows the diagonal cutting of the strips.  I am using fabrics from a fat quarter.  The strips are then cut into diagonal pieces.  She presses the seams open so that is what I am doing on this mini quilt.  (Not my favorite way to do seams!)

I had already started doing some improv piecing with my scraps of fabric where I just match up sizes and sew pieces together.  I press to the side for these and for most of my piecing.  So that will be a different quilt.

Another way to do the improv blocks is on a video by Kelly at My Quilt Infatuation
and the blog link is here
That looks like a fun way to do the blocks too.........

I have been doing other things besides quilting....and watching classes on Craftsy!!
I am interested in documenting memories.  AND have blogged about this before.
Every day has special memories and it is fun to journal and add some creativity!
Here are two photos of pages from my creative journal in May

I have joined some FB groups that are about journaling about your everyday memories creatively.    The groups have so many creative ideas to share. 

The list goes on and on of the new things I want to do.  

I have a FB group and my goal is to post every day some of the creations and projects I am doing.  I have a lot of interests in many different techniques and it is hard to remember how to do something when you don't do it all the time.  So sometimes I post about just simple techniques.  It is easier to use my FB group because I take a photo and post with my phone and write a short post and done!

Here are some red and aqua pairs I am using to make a mug rug.  I want to add some stamping and painting to this mug rug.  In fact....I have enough of these to do several mug rugs!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Weight Watcher Lifestyle~~~~~~~~~~~~
Here is a crockpot full of chicken chili and it is so delicious. 
And bubble up enchilada is another favorite............

Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Summer Goals Challenge

On the WW site today I heard about a challenge starting June 1 for three months.

I am posting here in case there is anyone interested in this challenge.  It doesn't have to be about weight...it could be fitness or anything.  Just a way to get some inspiration and motivation and to add accountability to the mix always helps.

There is a blog about it and here is the article

It is the 90 day Summer Sizzle Challenge at Mindful Sparkles blog

I plan to have some goals...step goals and WW points goals and journaling goals.  I will be posting on WW Connect and in my FB Daily Challenges group.

I might have some quilting goals too....but I don't want to overload myself as I have recently joined several creative journaling groups in addition to my online classes.

Check it out and let me know if you are going to do this.

Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday finish dissappearing jelly roll rails

Today I finished another mini quilt like I made a year ago.  I did a tutorial then of my accidental design.
Link to that tutorial is here 
The following photos show the way I did it this time............
 Start with 9 strips about 17" and sew them together thinking about where each strip will end up if you are making the mini quilt like the photo above.
Cut every other strip down the center.  Cut into blocks.
Lay out the 4" blocks to check the design.
This is the photo I put on instagram of quilting....I really look forward to the straight quilting 1/4" next to the seams.  For some reason...it makes me happy!!  I try to figure the best way so I can quilt in a continuous line as much as possible!

I will link with crazy mom quilts and freemotion by the river.

Smiles and hugs....Caryl