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Friday, October 31, 2014

Sunset color filled the sky

These photos are from yesterday on our cycle ride to the mountains...

 Here is a photo of the sky about two hours before sunset...
 Cuyamaca Park

 Meatloaf dinner was highly recommended by our waitress and it was delicious!
 In Julian at the corner of the town hall looking west.....
At scenic overlook area above Santa Ysabel waiting for the sunset....

These photos do not begin to capture the beauty we saw.....
The whole sky was so beautiful and it stayed gorgeous long after sunset....
We still love riding as much as ever and have no plans for this to be the last ride into the sunset.

Traffic Jam Placemats and bookmarks

 I finally finished all of the four placemats.  I have been working on these for awhile and have photos on instagram from weeks ago when I started these.
I had four blocks I was going to use for a "traffic jam" quilt...a free pattern by Pat Sloan.
I changed my mind and decided to make placemats instead and use the batik squares for making scrappycrossroads blocks.
I put Pat Sloan's Eat Your Fruits 'n Veggies fabric on the sides of the traffic jam blocks to make them placemat size.
Then I did some applique, quilting and have slowly been working on finishing them.
 Earlier this week I was looking for something that I could just sew.  I had the walking foot on my machine and had some batting pieces trimmed from a previous quilt.  I had some 1½" strips left from another project I am working on.....so let's sew!
 Here are the strips sewn to the batting pieces before I cut them apart.
 I used a narrow batting piece as a leader and ender to sew the other three!
 Here they are finished and at different sizes depending on the batting strips!!
And here are the backs.  I guess they will be bookmarks!
Smiles and hugs....Caryl

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

more decorations

 I decided to add some more photos I have taken of quilty decorations...
the quilt on the wall is from Pat Sloan's book Crooked Cabins and I made it in 2008.
 Pumpkin Party tablerunner I made last year.
 Some of my placemats and tablerunner on the dining room table.
What fun my GGD has painting at our house.....(she is 2½)
and she likes the decorations and is checking them out.  We like seeing her every week.
In this photo I also like the reflections of the lights on the table and the window!
Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall and Halloween decorating

 Here are some of my decorations....the first one is in my kitchen...I love lights!
The front door,,,,,,then the table inside on the left and the wall on the right.

 In the living room.........the tablerunner is from a blog hop in 2010.
I take photos every year to document how I decorated.  I thought I would do a blog post of just some of my photos and decorations
Smiles and hugs....Caryl