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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Pencil Case Roll and Tuesday To Do #62

 This past week I saw a video on making a pencil case roll using glue.  I decided to make one without using glue and just with sewing.  It was fun and easy to do.  I used the same fabric for the outside as the plastic padded journal cover I showed last week.

I put some of my prismacolor pencils in the case but I plan to add a variety of my different pencils.........but then again I might change my mind! 

My progress from the goals from last week:

Tuesday To Do June 22 through June 28

  1. Work on the Hope quilt from 2020....put the batt and backing with the top together and decide how to quilt and hopefully start quilting. ✅
  2. Quilt more on the log cabin runner
  3. Do some improv piecing 

I have the Hope quilt ready to quilt but I didn't start quilting because I need to practice first since it has been awhile.  I did walking foot quilting on the log cabin runner and got some improv piecing done.

I am still watching paper crafting videos and getting lot of ideas.  So fun and so addictive!

Tuesday To Do June 29 through July 5:

  1. Practice FMQ
  2. Start quilting Hope quilt
  3. Finish quilting log cabin runner
  4. Make journal cards from index cards
  5. Make a min ephemera holder from paper scraps
I am linking to Chris Knits

Be sure to check out what everyone else is working on....

Smiles and hugs....Caryl


  1. Love that pencil case! Great storage idea! Looking forward to seeing your journal cards!

  2. It’s a great pencil case. And pretty too.

    1. Thanks Annie. I am enjoying all your posts on your blog! My replies are not sending to people....still getting fail message!

  3. I love that pencil case. I could really use one of those. Is the video on YouTube? Could you share the link?

    1. Thanks Sharon. The link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1Vkw4yOQd0&t=1729s Pam at the Paper Outpost video on June 26, 2021. A Fast "No Sew" Pencil Case Roll from a Placemat.

  4. How fun to have a pretty pencil case instead of a box or tin!

    1. AND much easier to move from different places I use my pencils!!

  5. What a wonderful case! It will keep all your tools in one place. Thanks for linking up with To-Do Tuesday!


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