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Monday, January 17, 2022

Kawandi quilts and 2022 word and 30 day challenge


Happy New Year 2022!  

I finished my Kawandi runner the end of December.  I have blogged about it with photos before and I didn't get a photo when I finished.  I do have a photo that was taken at a friend's house on her design wall  when it was almost done.

And I have started another Kawandi and it is smaller.  Here is a photo

My word/words for this year......schedule plan organize.....

I want to have more of a schedule to my days to get more done.  The days we have plans are the days I accomplish more!  I have a lot of  creative things I like to do and a lot of supplies.  To organize....I have been entering my supplies and where they are in a WORD document.  AND also listing my ongling projects I want to complete....my UFQs,,,,,,unfinished quilts.  Last year I started watching videos on paper crafting and want to do more with journals.  I have a lot of online classes and want to do more painting and lettering.........the list goes on and on!!!

NOW.....TODAY.... I started a 30 day challenge.  30 days create before my birthday. (#30dayscreateb482)  I posted day 1 in my FB group creative happenings workshop.

The photo from today....making stickers with 6" adhesive roll.  I put the back of a magazine image on the sticky side and punch out a shape.  The 2" punch doesn't punch all around the circle and I have to use a scissors to finish the cut.  But a 1" punch works just fine.  I plan to make a bunch of stickers and have them ready to peel off the brown back and put in my journals.

Doing a challenge and posting about it is a great motivator to get going and make some stuff!!!

Anyone want to join in or want to join my FB group....it is private...so answer the questions and I will add you to our group.  

AND here is my creative journal page for January 1st that I posted to the Decorative Journaling FB group.

Smiles and hugs....Caryl


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