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Friday, February 24, 2012

a week later

I took these two photos on Feb 15 with the plan to do a blog post that day.... my husband postop from gallbladder surgery developed problems... more about that below... this is one of the blocks for a santa swap at Pat Sloan's quiltmashup forum... most everyone else is done with their blocks and I am now far behind....
here is the photo of a simple Valentine card to my sweetie... I used the stars and swirls embossing folder.... I cut out the hearts with my AccuQuilt GO!.... then stitched them with zigzag stitch... added some worn lipstick distress ink in spots... Smiles and hugs....Caryl ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~husband medical update....~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dave had the gallbladder surgery on Feb 9 and this was due to stones they discovered last Sept when he had severe pancreatitis. The surgeon was waiting for some pseudocysts to decrease in size before doing the gallbladder surgery and they did decrease. THEN on the am of Feb 15 he had sudden severe abdominal pain and we went to ER and he was admitted to the hospital and he was there for a week. He had an abdominal (hospital) infection and bile leaking from somewhere in the abdomen. So he was on IV antibiotics and they inserted a drain in his abdomen to drain the bile. He is home now with the drain and oral antibiotics....hopefully the bile leak will stop on its own! Still on a wait and see basis.....


  1. ACK!!! I hate wait and see. I am terrible at that. I hope that the leak does indeed heal itself and thay DH will be better very soon.
    I just finished my blocks today, so you are not so far behind.

  2. wishing DH the quickest and easiest of healing, Caryl! Not fun at all on the wait and see ... like sitting on pin and needles!! Loving your block!!

  3. Thinking of you Caryl, and DH.
    ilove the card you made!

  4. Sending you a big hug. Hope hubby heals quickly. Don't worry my blocks are not in the mail yet. Going out tomorrow. You have until the 1st.

  5. I'm late at catching up with you. Hope DH is doing so much better by now. Huggs... hm


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