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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Plastic Padded Envelope Journal Cover

 I have been doing paper crafting and not much quilting over the past month..... And also reorganizing and getting rid of stuff!!  

SOOOO Happy for Our family to get together in person and I am back meeting with my quilt group every week!!   Since February 2020 has been a LONG time!!  BUT I AM SO glad we had Zoom for the past year to keep up with everyone!!

I will put my goals for the week at the end of this post.  This is Tuesday to do #61 and I am linking to Chris Knits 

I am enjoying getting inspiration from online paper project ideas.  

Using a plastic padded envelope I wrapped it in fabric and made a journal cover.  I used some tea and coffee dyed papers inside.  The fourth photo shows a pocket with a little notebook.  I am enjoying making pockets, and journal tags and little notebooks to add to my journal pages. 

 The next three photos are a portfolio made from gluing two greeting cards together and collage over them and adding pockets and papers.

All of these ideas are from Pam at The Paper Outpost.  All of this is a work in progress and is not finished.  The tag tucked in a side pocket on the right on the last photo is made with a paper napkin on a book page glued over junk mail.

Today I went back to my sewing group and now I am all inspired to get back to my sewing....take the needle I use for paper out of the machine......put in a new one and get sewing on fabric!                        

Tuesday To Do June 22 through June 28

  1. Work on the Hope quilt from 2020....put the batt and backing with the top together and decide how to quilt and hopefully start quilting.
  2. Quilt more on the log cabin runner
  3. Do some improv piecing 
Let's check out what everyone else is working on....

Let me know if any of you do paper crafting too.  It is rather addictive for me right now!!!

Smiles and hugs....Caryl


  1. LOVE the fabric you have covered your journal with; 'tis gorgeous. It looks like you are having fun creating each page.

  2. What a fun project! Thanks for linking up with To-Do, good luck on next week's projects.

  3. It's fun to take a little side trek with another medium sometimes. I do like to stamp cards and scrapbook, but rarely take the time to do it anymore. But I have all the supplies I need when I do. I would never have thought of using those padded envelopes!

    1. Vicki...I get into a lot of different projects....I need to use all my supplies I have. Making lists of supplies is a great reminder of what I have....too much really!

  4. How smart of you to use the padded envelope for your journal cover! I also dabble in paper crafting! :)

    1. I get a lot of ideas for paper crafting from The Paper Outpost videos!


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