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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Mini Ephemera Holder and Tuesday To Do #63

 This is a day late and it is week #63 of posting a to do list and I will be linking to 

Chris Knits

My progress from the goals from last week:

Tuesday To Do June 29 through July 5:

  1. Practice FMQ
  2. Start quilting Hope quilt
  3. Finish quilting log cabin runner
  4. Make journal cards from index cards
  5. Make a min ephemera holder from paper scraps

 I got most of my goals for the week done.  I still need to do quilting practice on my sewing machine before I tackle quilting a quilt.

Photos of what I worked on with paper crafting.  The mini ephemera holder is made with junk mail and collage over it and add papers and pockets...very easy and very fun.  The outside at the fold is a moda strip that is wrapped around fabric when you purchase precuts.  I need to find some little ephemera to add to this holder.

And here are  some index cards I am making.  Not finished yet.  The two on the right are the back with the lines.  I cut 4x6 index cards in half for these.  I used distress ink and collage and stamps.  Some are coffee dyed and color dyed.  

The next photos show my process in paper dyeing.

Very simple....put some coffee with some water into a spray bottle and lay the paper on parchment paper and spray both sides of the paper.  The color is few drops of color mixed with water and use a brush to spread it on the papers.  I cut the index cards smaller after coffee dye and ink dye.  TIP:  Laying the cards on the very used parchment paper and spreading color on them causes some of the coffee dye from the parchment paper to get on the cards and I like that look.

Here is a photo from earlier in the week when I started on these projects.  I first did an index card covered in brown coffee dye paper and put gelato crayons and discovered I needed to use a pen first if I wanted to do a whimsical flower.  
The bottom part shows the separate pieces of the mini ephemera holder as I started working on it.

Just ask if you have any questions about any of this.  I get my ideas from watching You-Tube videos.  

Tuesday To Do July 6 through July 12:
  1. FMQ practice
  2. Put binding on the log cabin runner and start hand stitching it to the back
  3. Journal cards and tags
  4. Painting project
I am still working on quilting projects along with paper crafting.  AND I will be posting photos of my quilting and projects.

Be sure to check out what everyone else is working

Smiles and hugs....Caryl


  1. How I love your ephemera booklet! As well as your index card playing. Thanks for the how to/tips for coffee/tea dying. Using a spray bottle looks like it would be so easy to do. I am noticing your thread spool blending tool. How clever is that!

    1. Thanks Annie. Yes...the spray bottle is so easy and just let the papers dry....no oven for me!! The idea for using a empty thread spool for a blending tool is not my idea....I saw someone else using it. I only have two blending tool holders and I kept changing out the pads all the time...this helps.

  2. Interesting to see you dying paper. I remember marbling paper in the olden days, i.e. college!

    1. Thanks Bonnie...it is a fun process and adds variety to journal pages!


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