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Friday, October 27, 2017

Halloween mug rug

 Jenny at Missouri Star Quilt Company has a tutorial called periwinkle mug rug.
I used the Wacky Web template to cut out the shapes following her tutorial.
It is so much fun to make and I will be making more of these I am sure!
 Here is a photo before I quilted it.  I actually had the layout different but I didn't follow my rule of taking a photo of the way I wanted it before sewing!  SO....when I picked up the pieces in order I actually sewed them different than my plan!!
 Here is the fabric I ordered for a Halloween quilt....but the quilt won't be done before this Halloween!

Weight Watcher Lifestyle
The following are from eating out over the past month.
Denny's tilapia dinner..............very delicious!
 Denny's select a burger...chicken...........very delicious!  Roast potatoes are a lot less points than fries.
 Lake Wohlford  breakfast.  Smokey's scramble and home fries with sourdough toast.  I have had this so many times and really love it!  I don't eat all of the potatoes and the scramble is two eggs instead of three.  No butter on the toast and I put a tiny amount of jam on the pieces.
 Lake Cuyamaca rheuben and the best fries that are coated to be so delicious!
I could only eat one of the sandwiches and took the rest home for later.
There are so many delicious things to order when we eat out....AND I do NOT have to feel deprived!  Checking the points ahead of time and sticking with my plan is the best way to enjoy eating out!!

Let me know any special meals you enjoy when eating out?
And also any low point foods/meals to make during the holidays?

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  1. When I did Weight Watchers, that is what I did too...if I did not have a plan, I ate everything in sight!

    1. Julie....before eating out the most important thing is to know the points of your choices! I have a lot of them in my WW app in my favorites section so it is easy to know the points and FOLLOW my plan! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Cute Halloween fabrics! I have a charm pack of Halloween prints that didn't get used this year....maybe next. I didn't know you could eat such a variety of food on Weight Watchers! Fries are my downfall.

    1. Thanks Connie. On the WW lifestyle you can eat anything. No restrictions. It is a matter of making good choices so you can eat what you like and not feel deprived!

  3. What a great little mug rug. I really like the design.

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