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Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas tabletopper 4-patch and rectangles

 Here is the tabletopper I made last weekend and took to a party this week...
It finished at 12 x 20
 I started with jelly roll strips and made into twosies and then 4 patches..
The rectangles are cut at 4½".....
 I sewed right sides together and with batting and stitched around the edge leaving an opening for turning.
 Here is the other side...
 close up view of stitching with variegated thread....
 On my Bernina I used #643 stitch 4 length and 5.5 width...
 Then I wrote words.......hope..........peace.............love............joy...........
Every year we have a gift exchange and play the game where we draw numbers and #1 goes first and chooses a present.  Then #2 can either "take" that present or choose another wrapped present and on down the line and back to #1 again to keep their present or "take" another.  Does anyone else do these kind of games at their parties?  Every year I usually try to make something in addition to taking some kind of decoration for these parties.

I had a lot of new people commenting on my last post and thank you.  I will check your blogs, if you have one, and get back to you soon.

Smiles and hugs....Caryl

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  1. It is beautiful, I love the colours. Have a great Christmas!

  2. Cute!!! Love the decorative stitches.

  3. What a festive table topper! Love the stitching.

  4. Oh that brought back memories. We had that kind of gift exchange at the Christmas party for my very first job in high school, oh so many years ago.

    I'm sure the person who got to open your gift was really pleased!

  5. We do that exchange at quilt guild retreats, with 60 people!!
    The fabrics in your quilt are my favorite colors right now!!Thanks
    LeeAnna Paylor


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