“Friendship, love, health, energy, enthusiasm, and joy
are the things that make life worth living and exploring.” ~ Denise Austin

Friday, December 24, 2021

Twas the night before Christmas

 and all through the house............

Here is a page I did today in my creative journal.  

I did some cooking today for tonight and also for tomorrow morning breakfast.

Every year I make cinnamon rolls at this time of year and use a treasured recipe from a dear friend.

It is a recipe from the 60s and is called Ice Box Rolls.  You make them ahead and refrigerate the dough for 1 to 5 days.  Here is a photo I took yesterday when I made the roll mix.

And here they are out of the oven an hour ago.  We prefer them not frosted.

The sausage souffle is in the refrigerator ready for the oven in the morning.

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone....

Smiles and hugs....Caryl


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