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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

To-Do Tuesday #40

Another To-Do Tuesday and linking with Roseanne at Home Sewn By Us

Here is last week's list and progress:

To-Do Tuesday week of November 10 through November 16:

  1. make 2 log cabin blocks in the string bean pattern ✅
  2. FMQ at least 4 days 
  3. Decide some Christmas quilting projects 
  4. Enter past quilts I have made in my Flickr and Pinterest accounts ✅\

I finished my second Kawandi and here is a photo of both of them hanging on my dining room wall
 Birds in the Moonlight and Colorful Cats

Photo of completed string bean log cabin blocks pattern by Pat Sloan

Some FMQ practice with rulers and BSR
Border design in Angela's online ruler class week 4.  The last photo was also from her class............by the way....it is free and a very good class!!

I was wanting to make up some FMQ with my BSR so I scribbled a tree....then I painted it with Shiva paintstix.  This was very quick and easy.  I almost didn't put this here on my blog.....

Here is a page from my Joanne Sharpe 2020 online class notebook when I was setting it up for my daily gratitude.

Last week in our small quilt group Zoom meeting I was telling them about finally donating my wedding dress to Salvation Army.  We all decided to share our wedding photos with each other...........WOW....was that ever fun to see everyone and their husbands when they were young!  I thought I would share my photo of a photo here 

so....that is enough to share now....ready for next week's goals

To-Do Tuesday week of November 17 through November 23:

  1. Do another stitch and paint project
  2. FMQ for 4 days
  3. Christmas project
  4. Enter more quilts in Flickr and Pinterest (before I forget how to enter them again)
I am linking to Roseanne's  

Be sure to check it out......

And another one to check...I am linking to Free Motion Mavericks

Smiles and hugs....Caryl

I had questions about our wedding and here are some more photos and info.

We got married September 17, 1961 at the Methodist Church in Jefferson, Iowa.  I had just graduated from nurses training several weeks prior.  
Soooo....why did I save the dress all these years and then get rid of it!  
Here is a photo of us and our 4 boys in 1975.  The dress was at my mom's house and I could STILL get into it and we took a bunch of photos.  

We stuffed the dress in a plastic tub and brought it to our house and that is where it has been all of these years!  Moving it from Iowa to San Diego to Mission Viejo to San Diego to Julian and back to San Diego!!!  
I got it out again several weeks ago and it was time to let it go............I decided I would not be able to get into it again....and it looked too good to start cutting it up to use for projects.  I donated it and maybe someone else can enjoy it now!  That is if someone wants to wear a vintage wedding dress!

Smiles and hugs....Caryl


  1. Hi Caryl! WOW! That is a beautiful wedding picture. Your dress!! Is is exquisitely made - just perfect for you. Was it heavy? How many attendants did you have? You have to share more details than just a photo! I love your FMQ border using the heart ruler. I need to give something like that a try. And those string bean log cabin blocks are pretty darn cool. I'll have to check out Pat's link. Thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Hi Roseanne...I just updated this post to answer some questions. You need to try out that ruler....it is really fun!

  2. Yes your dress was gorgeous! May I ask what year? I still have mine from 1982 but it wasn't as elaborate as yours. I always wonder what to do with it. Did you have yours 'preserved'? I didn't so I could take it out and look at it from time to time and it has gotten dingy looking.

    1. Hi Vicki...I just updated to answer your questions. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Hello Caryl,
    You have so many projects on the go.. The colours in the kawandis are stunning, and the FMQ is interesting. I keep meaning to try something like the straight line design at the top.
    Amazing wedding photos. What a lovely couple, and so 1960s! The dress is wonderful.
    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks.
    Love, Muv

  4. Hi Muv....thanks for your comments...the kawandis are so fun...I just want to get another one going. I DO like a lot of things and keep busy with all types of projects.

  5. Wonderful photos! I am visiting all of your Kawandi posts just for fun!


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