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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Online classes

I enjoy taking online classes and spend almost every day watching at least some of my online classes.  And I have learned a lot.  I usually spend the time getting my steps as I watch the computer screen!  

When Bluprint announced they are closing...........it was so shocking to think I was losing my forever classes............and not be able to watch all the other classes that were available with my subscription.....thousands in all different subjects!  It never occurred to me that I would at some point lose all of this!!  Now I am downloading those I want to save and watching as many as I can.

Does anyone have some really good classes on Bluprint that they think are a MUST to watch?  AND are their favorites?

I am not doing the list of things to do this week as I have been doing on Tuesdays!

Smiles and hugs....Caryl


  1. I didn't know there was a way to download the classes we have purchased in the past, how???

    1. Vicki....I download to my iPad. The bottom right corner of each session of a class has a line with an arrow above it. Touch it and it starts the download. When it is finished there is a box with a check mark that appears. So far I have used 50 GB of storage space for 15 classes. I have tons more I want to save.....just need to decide which ones I will really need!


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