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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

To-Do Tuesday #21 and Bluprint closing

I found out several days ago that Bluprint (formerly Craftsy) is closing!! This is shocking and upsetting!!!  I have a lot of classes that I had planned to watch and many more to watch again.  Then there are the forever classes that we all purchased when it was Craftsy with the thinking we would always have them available!!  

This is my 21st week of linking with Home Sewn By Us for To-Do Tuesday.

Here is my list from last week and my progress

To-Do Tuesday for the Week of May 19 through May 25:
  1. Finish the A blocks on the Hope quilt yes
  2. Work on one or more quilts to be given as gifts yes
  3. Work on 3 or 4 pages in my 2020 Artfully Inspired Life online class yes
1 All of the A blocks are sewn and squared.  Photos of these fabrics in former posts.
2 I worked on the dolphin tablerunner design decision on sizes to cut and placement.  Photo of fabrics in former post
3 I made good progress in my class book this week

I finally did another Stitch Meditation after not doing one for awhile!
I like to have little squares cut ahead of denim or flannel to make these little zen stitcheries!  I like the NO PLAN concept and just do it without spending any time thinking about it!  These four little scraps of fabric wanted to be together!  I used these fabrics just as I found them in my scraps from using them in different projects.  And then just start with needle and thread and go with the flow!!

To-Do Tuesday for the Week of May 26 through June 1:
  1. Watch lots of Bluprint classes.  Download some of them.
  2. Work on my ongoing projects....quilts and painting and creative journaling.

Be sure to see what everyone else is doing and join in the fun!!

Smiles and hugs....Caryl


  1. Hi Caryl! I am shocked to hear that Bluprint is closing. WOW! They sure took over a thriving business and demolished it. Great job on your to-do last week. Isn't it nice to check all of them off?! I suspect you will be spending a lot of time watching videos this week. Egads. Thanks for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thanks Roseanne.....and there will be lots of hours spent watching these classes. I am discovering a lot of different topics besides quilting and painting and journaling that I want to see....like using an air fryer! AND downloading video takes a lot of space on an iPad! Hugs...Caryl


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