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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Stitch Meditation and slow stitching

This is my 11th Stitch Meditation I have made.  This one I used a flannel piece with scraps of fabric stitched on top.  The long narrow pieces are extra pieces from the pineapple quilt I am doing and the other piece is a tiny piece that didn't fit in my scrappy strips around the cabin I am working on.  It measures about 4".  I am using 12 wt thread.
For those who haven't read about this before.....check out Liz Kettle on YouTube.  It is very relaxing to just start stitching with no plan.  I have blogged about this before in previous posts.  I finished this yesterday and will be doing another one today.

And today I am getting to the end of hand quilting my liberated log cabin small quilt.  I have enjoyed this little quilt so much...the piecing it together and the hand quilting.  I have usually saved working on this quilt to do with my small quilt group when we meet...but we are not meeting now because.....of the stay at home policy.

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AND now that we are all home more.....it is time to do some relaxing stitching!

Smiles and hugs....Caryl


  1. Congrats on the approach to a finished quilt!!

  2. Oh my, your liberated log cabin is a delight to the eyes with all those dancing, bright and happy colours. Love your quilting, too. As for your Stitch Meditation, how fun is this. Looks like so much fun to imagine and then stitch. Love the go with the flow thought with this stitching.

    1. Thanks Kim...the liberated log cabin is one of those quilts I had to make when I saw one and I have loved working on it! The Stitch Meditation has to be decided in a few minutes to follow the guidelines by Liz Kettle....that is the fun of it...start and see what happens!!


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