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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Log Cabin Loonies Linky Party week 8

 There are a bunch of us having a lot of fun making these tiny little blocks with juliekquilts.  It is fun to check the others that are following this quilt along and see what they are making.

I now have 90 4½" blocks and..........this time I reversed the block design....put the light in the center instead of the dark.  It is hard to decide which one I like best.  But there are other designs I want to try too.  AND I am still making more blocks!
 Here is a double photo of the Jelly Roll Jam II quilt I am making.  I will post the separate photos when I finish the quilt.
 I needed a backing fabric for a small mat/coaster/mug rug I wanted to hand quilt at my Tuesday quilt group.  I pulled out this fabric I bought many years ago that had the color offset (top part of photo).  I used copic markers and made it look soooo much better!
 I have been enjoying iced coffee this summer and adding a little chocolate to it makes it soooo good!
The last photo is about October goals.  They are mostly WW related but apply to all of life!  Goals....we need them......we need a plan of action....and we need one another. 

linking to juliekquilts and Freemotion by the River

Smiles and hugs....Caryl


  1. Wow! Such a lot of blocks, and so pretty!!

    1. Thanks and it is so amazing when I put them all together....I am keeping on making more!!

  2. I really like your color choices. I am looking forward to seeing your other layout choices.

  3. Thanks Cynthia. I am trying to keep with really dark darks mostly.

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