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Saturday, December 31, 2011

FIU weekend

Pat Sloan is having a UFO party on Quilt Mashup Forum and that has inspired me to check out those projects I need to finish up. I am working on a Nancy Halvorsen Be Attitudes mini quilt. I started it in January 2009! I bought the book and the kit in April 2008 in Deer Lodge, Montana at Quilter's Corner.
This is the first one I have started in the book. I also bought kits for Feb, March, Oct and Dec.
I at least hope to get this mini quilt done and hung in January. This weekend I hope to identify more of my projects to finish and get them on my list for 2012. Smiles and hugs....Caryl


  1. Pat Sloan's finish-it-up "event" gave me enough of a kick in the pants to get the binding on a UFO and get it washed and dried and now it is all crinkly and I have it over my lap as I'm typing on the computer....love having it done!!! :) I hope you get your Be Attitudes quilt done in January....I've seen some completed ones and they are all very nice.

  2. Like that quilt. I have one of her quilts that has been in a project box for quite a while now.
    This FIU weekend I am focusing on a stack of quilts that had bindings on but not stitched down by hand yet. Sure would feel good crossing them off the 'list'.
    Happy New Year.


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