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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

To-Do Tuesday #2

Last week I linked up with Home Sewn By Us for To-Do Tuesday.

I found that having the published list for this week kept me focused on the things I had planned for the week and was fun and not a burden.  Since I am retired I try to relax and enjoy my days leisurely as I choose to do things.  But I also need to give myself a little push!!

Here is my list from last week and my progress

To-Do for the Week of January 7th through 13th:

  1. Make progress on my batik rail quilt with FMQ and hand quilting.  I made a statement yesterday at my quilt group that I will finish this quilt this month.   yes
  2. Practice FMQ at least 5 days this week   yes
  3. Do some pages in my online class book with Joanne Sharpe 2020 Artfully Inspired Life   yes
  4. Work on Frolic Bonnie Hunter mystery   yes
1.  I worked on the batik rails quilt every day.
2.  I did FMQ practice 6 days for at least 10 minutes.  Practice was on my batik rails quilt most of the time.   I did a blog post on Saturday with a photo of FMQ on my batik rails quilt.

3.  I worked a little bit in my 2020 Artfully Inspired Life book.
4.  I worked on part 3 of Frolic mystery doing HST on 2 different days. 

To-Do for the Week of January 14th through 20th:
  1. Finish quilting batik rails quilt and get ready to add binding.
  2. Do 4 pages of Joanne Sharpe online class book Artfully Inspired Life
  3. Make 4 more Scrappy Strips Around the Cabin blocks
  4. Start an improv table runner for the top of bookcase on office desk.
I will post my progress next week

Linking to Roseanne   Linky #23

Smiles and hugs....Caryl


  1. Good Morning Caryl! I'm glad the list didn't give you any stress. Look at all of those 'yes' after each item on the list - I'd say that was a pretty darn productive week. Seeing your rail quilt makes me want to make another one. It's the perfect vehicle for practicing different FMQ techniques and patterns. Great idea! Hmm. Maybe for the upcoming Hands 2 Help charity quilt drive. Thanks so much for linking up again and here's to another productive week. ~smile~ Roseanne


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