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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

To-Do Tuesday #66

  To-Do Tuesday #66 and I have been doing more organizing of my supplies.  I have also sent a lot of kits and supplies to Salvation Army...those crafts that were started many years ago.  

A list of those things I organized in the past several weeks that I didn't mention in my last post.

Clear and cling stamps to plastic sleeves in a large notebook

Stencils all in a plastic shelf container 

Eyelets all together in a plastic shelf container 

Paper punches in a pull out drawer 

Washi tape in a basket 

Here is a photo of some little round wood pieces that Dave made for me and I am gluing them to my round ink pads that I use for distress ink.  AND in the photo are two index cards folded and decorated to put in pockets in a journal.

The next photo shows my new storage system for papers for paper crafting including coffee dyed papers and cardstock pieces.  The larger one for large pieces and the smaller one for small pieces.  The basket is a lot better for washi tape than in a box with a lid that I had to get off of a shelf. 

I am also using the different size Amazon envolopes for storing magazine images and words.  For now that is the system instead of boxes of stuff to go through.  
So my goals this past week were done with the organizing and paper crafting.  But I did not do any sewing machine projects at all.  

In my Joanne Sharpe online class she started a challenge to make some kind of creative play artwork every day.  I have been neglecting this class and I felt a "tug" to join in and follow along.  So I am posting to IG with  #mojowithjojo.  

This is what I have posted to IG this month.  I didn't have any ideas and just picked up the brush and paints and started.  The first one I was going for a whimsical bird and added stamps and doodles. For the next one I used some of my favorite colors of paint and then did some doodling with a quote.  The third one is a page from our class last year and I added some more circles and doodles to the page.  Joanne encouraged us to just do something....anything.  Sometimes I am reluctant to post the things I am doing and I am sure that is the case with a lot of people.  

 I will be linking this week to  Melva Loves Scraps


My goals for this week are to continue with creative something every day and post on IG.  I plan to turn on my sewing machine and do some sewing/quilting.

Smiles and hugs....Caryl.


  1. I love your organization - it's something that makes me happy. :) Your sketches are so pretty and colorful. I used to doodle in a notebook and have gotten out of the habit and now can't sketch anything to save my life - lol!

    1. Thanks Linda. It takes constant practice on creative things or the abilities you learn go away. That is my problem with having so many different creative types of things!

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  3. I like your circles play! So I am curious about your round ink pads, did you make them round or buy them? I haven't done much of the stamping stuff for a few years.

    1. Thanks Vcki. The little round wood pieces were made by my husband. I showed him the ink pads and wondered if he could make me something to glue so I have an ink pad for each color. He used a hole saw with a drill press to make them.

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