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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Peg stamps organized

 I have been organizing my supplies and excited about having things easier to use as I do crafting in different parts of my house.  I have multiple places in our house where I do different projects.  I am also going through craft supplies and making decisions about those supplies that I will not be using anymore.  This has been an ongoing project over the past several years.   There are some things I have kept saving and saving....Now I just want to do the crafting that I REALLY like and not the ones that I might get to sometime!!

The first photo has many different stories going on....

I put all of my peg stamps together in one box.  I had each group separate in their original box and I didn't get them out and use them very much.  Now I have written on each stamp the group where they belong.  The tag in the photo is one I found in the box already stamped around the edge and I added color to the center and put a flower sticker on it and a ribbon tie.  Another tag for my journals!  

The little plastic piece in the upper right is a piece I use to make random marks on some paper tags and journal pages with distress oxide ink.  The little wood slice is one I made when we lived in Julian.  I engraved and painted and sold a variety of these little wood slices in shops in Julian.  I have various sizes that Dave cut when we lived in the mountains.  I have a bunch left over from then....so I might glue some of my stamps to some of them.

The next photo shows a little box where I store some basic supplies that I can move easily and have available wherever I am doing projects in the house.  Blending brushes, different glues, scissors and rotary cutters I use for paper.

Next is a photo of some of the paper crafts I have been doing.

I stamped and drew on some book pages and painted the images and cut them out to add to journals or tags.  I used liquid pearl dots on some of the tags and some of the projects in the photo are not complete yet.

I will be linking to To-Do Tuesday at         Chris Knits

 and this will be week #65 of posting a to do list 

My goals for the week are more organizing of craft supplies and clear a space on my sewing table so I can put the binding on the log cabin runner.  I will be working on paper crafting and maybe another quilt project.

Smiles and hugs....Caryl


  1. I love seeing and being inspired by how artists organize their tools and supplies. I’ve been trying for the past couple of months to weed through supplies also. I need to keep them manageable so that they get used. Out of sight is out of mind with me. I love seeing the paper crafts you are working on. Looks so interesting.

    1. Thanks Annie....so fun to find things I have forgotten about. AND now I am trying to document where everything is located....if I didn't have so much stuff this would not be necessary.

  2. Good job, organizing is one of the most important parts of our crafting! I need to wrangle some areas of my studio, like the fabric!! It's a mess. Good luck with your weekly list! Thanks for linking up with To-Do Tuesday!

    1. Thanks Chris. It seems like I have spent more time organizing in the past months than in the previous years! Fun to be able to find what I need when I need it!


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