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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

To-Do Tuesday #68


 To-Do Tuesday #68 

Goals from this past week 
  • I will do something creative every day to post to IG and also to my FB creative happenings workshop group.✅
  • Finish fabric collage on book page hand stitching
  • Work on a sewing project
  • List on my blog the you Tube channels subscriptions since the last time I gave a list

I have posted every day following the challenge by Joanne Sharpe online class to make some kind of creative play artwork every day.  I am posting to my carylquilts IG with  #mojowithjojo.  

I am only showing 2 of the projects in this blog post that I posted on IG and in my FB group.  I could post to my FB cinnamon holiday workshop blog group also (in addition to the FB creative happenings workshop group) if anyone is interested.

I made a Halloween mug rug/placemat measuring 14½ x 9"  It was a very quick project to make.  My favorite.....making small improv quilt projects.  Here are photos front and back

I finished the fabric collage from last week....hand stitching and then glued it to a 4x6 index card with FabriTac and then trimmed.  Here is the finish

Some of the YOU-TUBE channels I have discovered since my first list on April 13, 2021:

Paper Terrace

Wendy's Journal Adventure

joie de fi

Amber K Creative

49 dragonflies:

There are a lot of quilting channels that I have followed for years and I have not listed any of them on my blog in a list.  Most everyone has already heard of them.  I do refer to them at times and try to remember to add the label on my blog.

AND here are some goals for next week:

  • something creative every day to post to IG and also to my FB creative happenings workshop group
  • make a fall mini quilt to hang on my vintage wall shelf

I am linking to To-Do Tuesday at  Chris Knits

Come join in the fun

Smiles and hugs....Caryl


  1. Oh, what fun projects! It is a great way to fuel your creativity working on small projects. And what we learn can be applied to larger ones. Thanks for linking up with To-Do!


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