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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Tuesday To Do #57

 This is Tiuesday To Do #57 I will be linking with Chris Knits

Here is my progress from last week:

Tuesday To Do week of April 13 through April 19:
  1. FMQ three days and include Angela's new challenge designs   ✅
  2. Get back to hand stitching the kawandi runner at least 5 days  ✅
  3. work on a sewing project  ✅
I enjoyed practicing FMQ on paper and practice pieces...no photos.  I need to keep practicing because that is how I will get at least back to what I used to be able to do.  Angela is doing a great job with this challenge and it is so interesting....free online.

The photo is my kawandi runner and I placed some pieces of fabric in the foreground to fill in the empty spot and see how they look.  

I am still watching lots of online videos and classes....such fun!!  Last week I listed some new channels I had discovered.  The one I have watched a lot this week is 

I decided to join her FB group last week.  She has a weekly prompt and last week was using paper punches on leaves to use in a journal.  I just have tiny punches and that is what I used....here is a photo of what I did

My Arizone rose bush is so beautiful this year.  It is really old and is the best rose bush.

Tuesday To Do week of April  20 through April 25:

  1. kawandi runner....get all the pieces decided and pinned in place and keep hand stitching
  2. Do paper and fabric small projects with glue and paint and sewing
  3. Use some supply or tool that I haven't used in awhile

Go check out the link at Chris Knits above for the projects for this week and see what everyone is doing!!

Smiles and hugs....Caryl


  1. Your mat is so pretty and colorful. How interesting using leaves to punch shapes! I would think they would eventually dry and crumble away. Maybe there is a preserving procedure? Very interesting though.

    1. Thanks Annie.... Some of the leaves were already dry and the others I have smashed to dry them! Fun to hear of different things to do!

  2. Those colors are fantastic! They are so striking and rich!

    1. Thank you so much...I love the colors too....some of my favorites!!


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