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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Paper Crafting and Tuesday to do #58

So I missed last Tuesday.....I did some of the goals from the previous list..

I  have been paper crafting...here is a photo of stackable pockets

This idea is from a video by Pam at The Paper Outpost. 
I used old book pages.....some cutting, gluing, stamping.  The heart is a fabric heart I had cut from Accuquilt and put distress oxide ink around the edge.

Here is a photo of 2 pages from my creative journal.  I had shown the start of it in a previous post.

I have been organizing my fabrics and craftiing supplies and moving things and clearing off surfaces!  I have so many projects out and it gets distracting and also is  a mess!  I am keeping a computer list of projects I pack away and where they are because I know I will never find them if I don't write it down.  (I kept telling myself the reason I have so many projects all over is so I won't forget them...ha ha...it was not a good plan!)

Tuesday To Do week of May 4 through May 10::

  1. finish a mini quilt I started this week 
  2. sewing with paper crafting
  3. kawandi runner
I am linking to Chris Knits

check for the projects for this week and see what everyone is doing!!

Smiles and hugs....Caryl


  1. Caryl, I love your stackable paper pockets. I can see so many possibilities with those for use and for design. Your creative journal pages look terrific. Organizing so many projects in the works could be a daunting task. I hope your system works for you. I’ve tried to finish and clear up unfinished projects to get sewing and crafting under control. I’m pretty good at finishing. My project struggles lie where I’ve started with an idea and then need to wait until the next step idea jumps to mind. That mostly only happens with paper crafts. I’ve gotten pretty good at no longer leaving sewing projects unfinished.

    1. Annie...making pockets, tags, etc is something I haven't done much in the past and the possibilities are endless! My organizing has turned into a whole new project...next is my cutting table so I can actually cut some things to sew!! Good for you on finishing your sewing projects!!

  2. I love your idea of keeping a computer record of where you are putting those projects. I need to do that!!! Just recently I spent a lot of time hunting down a project I had moved off my counter a few months back.

    1. Vicki....keeping records of projects and where they are is so helpful. I also am keeping lists of my supplies because I forget about neat tools and supplies I have to use when they are packed away somewhere!!

  3. What a lovely journal. I could never get the hang of that intricate craft! Thanks for linking up with To-Do Tuesday, sorry I am late in reading last week's!

    1. Chris....journal keeping is fun to do with no rules on how to do it....just do it like you want. I really enjoy going back over the years and looking through the pages of my journals.


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