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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July Full Moon & Log Cabin Loonies

 There is a group of us that are doing log cabin quilts and we are linking up on the day of full moon....
This month I started some different log cabin blocks.....
Do you ever see someone's quilt and really want to make it......
but you tell yourself you have too many projects already that are not done....
But after several days that image of that quilt will not go away.............
Sooooooo then you know you really want to make it!!!

I did a blog post July 4th about this project and you can read about it here
I have links on that blog post to the blog by Melissa Corry at Happy Quilting....

For my patriotic quilt I am using red, blue, white, gold, stars, flags, and more....
I am making quarter log cabins....and they are 8½ unfinished....
The block on the lower left is the traditional block....it was a goof....I may add some 4½ blocks like that to the mix.....
For this method I am adding strips and trimming after I sew....
On my other log cabin quilt I am cutting the strips to the measurement and then sewing.
I like both methods........and I don't have a favorite.
One thing I do know....I really like to make log cabin blocks!!

Linking to JulieKQuilts with the other Log Cabin Loonies.....
Linking to Freemotion by the River  Linky Tuesday

Smiles and hugs....Caryl


  1. The quarter log cabins are really a neat block! I love how they look in your color choices!

  2. Love that style block. It has a playful and somewhat rebellious look.

  3. I really love log cabin blocks and most of the variations that I have seen. I have a red/white and blue small top done....somewhere... I need to quilt it. Yours looks great. I really like the gold in your blocks.

    1. I wasn't sure about adding the gold at first...but it is ok if I remember to add some now and then! Beth...you need to add your quilt next full moon with all of us loonies!

  4. Quarter log cabins are always fun - great idea for patriotic fabrics.

  5. Now I just love those blocks...so much fun! I often have quilts that just won't go away...those lingering ones in my brain that I just have to make!

    1. It is fun to start new projects....and new log cabin quilts!

  6. I'm just starting to play with quarter log cabins - I'd only done the traditional blocks before, so it's fun! Yours look wonderful and inspire me to keep going with mine!


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