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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Easy Street - Part 1

 So I decided to do the Easy Street mystery quilt.  This will be my first one!
Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville gave the first clue last Friday.
On Sunday I decided to do it and checked her site for the info.
There she was having a quilt cam session so I had my iPad on my cutting table cutting away
and listening to Bonnie!  The gray is dimples fabric.
Photos are work in progress.  There will be 384 2" twosies.
Then the twosies are turned into 192 4-patches.

Tomorrow she will post the next part.
I am linking up to her site where everyone is showing their progress.
It's not too late to follow along or at least print out the directions to do later.

Smiles and hugs....Caryl


  1. They look great, Caryl! This is my first mystery as well. I hope I can keep up! This is a rather busy time of year. :)

  2. Caryl, I decided today to commit to stitching along with the mystery quilt along.
    I like the fabric choices that are posted so far. How many different white/black background fabrics will you be using? I was able to find 5, so far, at Joann's today, along with my "gray/grey" fabric.
    I look forward to seeing all of the Easy Street quilts.

  3. Your 4-patches are looking great. I saw Bonnie's quiltcam for the first time yesterday - it was a lot of fun.

  4. Looks like you jumped right in!!! I still have not finished Roll Roll Cotton Boll from 2 years ago. Right now I am in a sewing slump. Maybe I can bust out of it soon.
    Have fun doing the mystery.

  5. Glad that you decided to join in. I just love Bonnie's Quilt Cam and try to catch it whenever she has it on! This is my first mystery as I'm very new to quilting. My little helper's name is Popeye. :-)


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