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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Awesome fun placemats

 I finished the two placemats I started last week...
I decided they needed more than just the buttonhole stitch around the pumpkins...
So I added some Xs on the sides and in the ditch quilting along borders
and then I did some free motion  heart leaves and loops around the pumpkin...
The fabrics I used were:
Awesome by Sandy Gervais
the black is Holly Holderman antique dots by Lakehouse
the orange for the pumpkin was in my stash and the selvage said The Cat's Meow...
I went online to research it and the ad is described below...
The Cat's Meow - Tonal Curls & Swirls - Flame Red
Butter, Orange, Flame RedLooking for a whimsical border, backing, background or quilt block application that is full of movement and joy? This little print is just the ticket! Done with a limited palette and on a small scale, you'll want to include this in your stash of fabrics to have on hand. Larger curls are about 3/4", from 'The Cat's Meow' collection by Bella Lu Studio for South Seas

SO.....I actually finished something.....will add it to my finished project list...
The last finish I did was in May!!
Smiles and hugs....Caryl


  1. Hi Caryl, I love the pumpkins and your lovely house decorations. You are so talented and intelligent. Thanks for your inspiring quilts, positive outlook on life and in everything you do. You always find a way to sparkle up others days! As one of your fine sons would say "You are a force of nature!" Thanks for being you! Love You! Deb

  2. Great job on the quilting of those wonderful placemats!

  3. Wow, very pretty placemats - and I love the quilting. :)


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