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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

finally quilting scrappy picnic quilt and misc...

 I started quilting this scrappy picnic quilt yesterday...
I finished piecing the top June 2015 and the link to the blog post is   here
In the blog post I talked about the 16 patches and other blocks that are all 4½" unfinished.
There is a tutorial that shows my system for making the blocks.
 Here is a quilt block for an online friend I made in June.  Photo is before I trimmed...it is a Bonnie Hunter block from a magazine.
 Here is another quilt block I made in July for another online friend that likes butterflies.

The WW site has changed with the community section gone now.

I decided to continue my WW blog posts at the WW site at Connect.
Connect uses hashtags for direction to everything and  #hungrytolose is the hashtag for my blog.

There is an awesome challenge going on there...  #30daysjournalchallenge.

Here is a photo of a blueberry muffin microwave in a mug and the recipe is here  at hungry girl.
I have a tip to make it easier each time....make up separate bags of dry ingredients.
There are 6 dry ingredients....so then all you have to do is get out 5 ingredients when you are ready to make them.  Each one is 2 smart points.

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Smiles and hugs....Caryl


  1. Congrats on quilting your picnic quilt! What a fun process to make it :)

    1. Thanks Sarah....at least I am getting started on the quilting!


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