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Saturday, March 24, 2012

fabrics for zebra and pink baby quilt

Yesterday I bought some zebra fabric in two different sizes... some pink stripes... also a zebra print for the back....
today I went through my stash and found some black with frosted dots... some pinks.....one is too light and the other is too dark... a small piece of white with pink dots.... I still would like to find a different pink... the quilt will be a simple design....either all squares... or rectangles with strips around... I would also like to find a different back in flannel... maybe in pink or pink with dots... I have been getting lots of help from my friends in the quilting world in places to look for fabrics... this is so much fun!!! Smiles and hugs....Caryl


  1. I like the light pink. I think it will work. The dark is definitely too dark.

  2. Umm, I like the dark pink, maybe stick bits of it around here & there to balance it with the black in the stripes.

  3. Assuming that the yellow with the zebras is for the back? It's cool. Love the pink stripe and the lighter pink, not so sure about the white, maybe it would work. I think the dark pink would work also, just for some balance and eye exercise.

  4. You will get it right and it will be gorgeous when you do!!! I do like the light pink with the zebra ;-)

  5. I like all the pinks with the zebra print. I know pictures don't always get the colors exact..... this is going to be such a cute quilt.

  6. What ever you decide about the fabric combinations will be great! How can you go wrong with pink, dots and zebra stripes.


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