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Thursday, November 10, 2011


oh no!! I did it again!! I misspelled a word in my quilt!! I didn't notice it until I looked at the photo.... I have done this before....and I used to be a really good speller!!!....I decided to just leave it..... sometimes it is funny to see if people notice mistakes....hee hee.......... the reason I took this photo was to show my binding progress on the giddy postage stamp quilt... and also to show the blue backing....
another project is the 12 days of Chrismtas tabletopper... with the hand stitching merry christmas started.....
the next photo shows the machine stitching and the hand stitching...
last evening I wanted to capture the dark pink color across the sky... with the moon coming up.... also captured some blue hour.... Smiles and hugs....Caryl


  1. It's been ages since I've quilted anything, so I'm enjoying these projects! Love the fabrics in your Christmas topper!

  2. No one will notice. I was never a good speller, so I for sure wouldn't notice.
    I hope the fact that you are quilting a bit means the hubs is feeling better??
    Happy stitching


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