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Thursday, February 21, 2019

mug rug finishes and another Gypsy Wife block

 I finished this mug rug a week ago on Valentine's Day.  It is the one I discussed in my previous blog post.  I called it hugs and kisses mug rug.  I used several stamps for the images and colored with Inktense pencils and fabric medium.  The center heart was stamped with Fabrico garnet fabric ink pad.  The left two were stamped with Versa Craft black ink pad.  The bottom right was stamped with Versa color violet.
Such fun....I want to do more projects with images on fabric and coloring!
Photo is the back of the mug rug...Susan Winget old fabric....I still love it!!

 I had some scraps left from previous projects and made a patchwork mug rug.  I quilted the top and batting together and then added 1¼" strips first to the sides and then the top and bottom.
 I like this easy kind of finish by putting the back and front together and stitch, turn and then topstitch around the edge.  I used a 4.0 stitch around the top edge.
 A plate of yummy chocolate Kodiak donuts on a clear glass plate on top of an older placemat I made several years ago.  The recipe for these is in my other blog
Here is another block for the Gypsy Wife quilt.  I got in a hurry and didn't trim one of the HST's properly and I thought I could make it work when I sewed the pieces together...I may do it over.
And here is a photo of what I received in the Sew Sampler box today.  Fun stuff!!

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Smiles and hugs....Caryl


  1. I have never thought of using stamps on fabric! Might look into this in future!

  2. I always forget how fun it is to stamp on fabric! In the past I have stitched around the stamped image with batting and then color and then put it on the project! Fun...fun! Thanks for commenting Amber!

  3. Pretty and practical.....got to be happy with that.


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