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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Improv piecing of quilts

Craftsy Unlimited is such fun...........sooooo many classes that are so interesting!!!
I watched Jacquie Gering do Improvisational Piecing and I had to go grab some fabric and start making strips using her method.  The photo shows the diagonal cutting of the strips.  I am using fabrics from a fat quarter.  The strips are then cut into diagonal pieces.  She presses the seams open so that is what I am doing on this mini quilt.  (Not my favorite way to do seams!)

I had already started doing some improv piecing with my scraps of fabric where I just match up sizes and sew pieces together.  I press to the side for these and for most of my piecing.  So that will be a different quilt.

Another way to do the improv blocks is on a video by Kelly at My Quilt Infatuation
and the blog link is here
That looks like a fun way to do the blocks too.........

I have been doing other things besides quilting....and watching classes on Craftsy!!
I am interested in documenting memories.  AND have blogged about this before.
Every day has special memories and it is fun to journal and add some creativity!
Here are two photos of pages from my creative journal in May

I have joined some FB groups that are about journaling about your everyday memories creatively.    The groups have so many creative ideas to share. 

The list goes on and on of the new things I want to do.  

I have a FB group and my goal is to post every day some of the creations and projects I am doing.  I have a lot of interests in many different techniques and it is hard to remember how to do something when you don't do it all the time.  So sometimes I post about just simple techniques.  It is easier to use my FB group because I take a photo and post with my phone and write a short post and done!

Here are some red and aqua pairs I am using to make a mug rug.  I want to add some stamping and painting to this mug rug.  In fact....I have enough of these to do several mug rugs!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Weight Watcher Lifestyle~~~~~~~~~~~~
Here is a crockpot full of chicken chili and it is so delicious. 
And bubble up enchilada is another favorite............

Smiles and hugs....Caryl


  1. I was worried that if I got Craftsy unlimited that I wouldn't take the time to sit down and learn. I have some classes I purchased and have yet to finish. Love your projects and food...

    1. Thanks Barb for commenting. I have a lot of interests so the Craftsy classes have just been awesome. I check out a different one every day!!! So many fun things to do and I know for sure I will never be bored!


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