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Friday, September 15, 2017

Strip Maze and eating out

 I finished the Strip Maze quilt..................so next is to quilt it!
I will blog more about it when it is finished!
It is a pattern by Gudrun of GEDesigns.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Weight Watcher lifestyle~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Peaceful area to walk close to Denny's Restaurant and lots of ducks and birds.
I like to walk in the late afternoon or sunset/twilight time to get my steps for the day!
 Denny's has on their menu....Build Your Own Burger.
I chose grilled chicken breast, whole wheat bun, cheddar cheese, carmelized onions and the fruit for a total of 14 smart points!  Very tasty meal.  The hubs got something with a lot more points...but then he isn't counting points!!
On the WW online site I am in a journaling group and one of the recent prompts was our relationship with food.  My first thought was....I would like to not have to think about food and only want to eat healthy foods.  Realistically I do enjoy planning meals and researching healthy choices to cook and eat and also when we eat out.  Being mindful of my eating and journaling have helped sooo much.  I do not feel deprived and I do not have to fight the urge to eat!!  This is a lifestyle and not a "diet".  I lose extremely slowly and I have developed the patience finally to not worry how long it takes to get back to goal again!

Smiles and hugs....Caryl


  1. Love the quilt top, it's beautiful! And your burger and fruit looks wonderful. I too am working on changing my eating habits and lifestyle. Definitely a work in progress, but it is paying off.

    1. Thank you Karen! I have changed my mindset about food and that has helped in a lot of ways! It has been awhile since I heard from you...thanks for commenting!

  2. Hi Caryl,
    I love the Strip Maze quilt you just finished! I wonder how you are going to quilt it? I'll have to stay tuned and see it when you give us more details. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thanks Roseanne. I can't wait to see how I will quilt this!! It will definitely be something simple and fun!!


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