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Monday, October 31, 2016

WW journal prompt and Happy Halloween

There is a journaling group on the WW online site.  AND here is my page for today that I posted to the WW online site Connect.  Every day someone in our group posts a journal prompt and we respond with our thoughts and post the page we have written.  If anyone is on WW online....join us.  Ask me about it.

I keep motivated with different challenges and the hashtags in my journal photo above refers to some of the challenges going on now or those just starting.  I also have a small private FB group where we do different challenges.  I have been determined this year to get back to my lifetime goal.  One of the challenges is recipes and I am looking forward to trying more new recipes.  I have found some that we really like a lot!!

I am interested to hear from you about this WW lifestyle and great journey we are on together.

Smiles and hugs....Caryl


  1. I love your journal! I still keep my calendar--but behind the month pages there are M-S pages and because of you I now journal there too. Keeping my calendar dedicated to weight loss got me to goal--it will get you there too!

    You got this!

    1. Oh Charlene....thank you and so glad I could help! I am still doing my calendar with ink rounds for 30 minutes of exercise and stamps for days at DP. I am going to start adding the blue dot....my new favorite motivation!!


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