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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Yellow Brick Road quilt blocks

Outside photo and inside photo with flash...
The bottom photo still has the pinned tags with the row numbers....
I always put tags on each row to keep everything straight when I am sewing rows...
A very good idea is to take a photo of your planned layout and refer to it when or if blocks get misplaced!
Also I take a lot of photos of different layout designs to help decide design layout.
Give me some ideas for borders....this is very bright and I will probably use it on a table.

This is a super fun design and very easy.  It is by Atkinson Designs.
I used 6 fat quarters for this small quilt.
AND I have a bundle of fabrics I will use to make a larger one sometime.

This is Strips & Squares Saturday #4....tell me what you are doing with strips and squares...


  1. Yellow Brick Road? Love that pattern. I would use a very thin yellow and then something black and white.

  2. I also love the Yellow Brick Road pattern. It can look so different depending on the fabric. I love your yellows, blacks and whites. I think a black and white stripe, or a black and white check would be a nice border.


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