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Saturday, November 30, 2013

D4P block

I finally got my sewing machine back from getting a tuneup!  3 weeks is a long time!!  A reminder to myself not to be without my sewing machine in November.....take it in earlier!

This is Pat Sloan's birthday month and she has requested blocks for her birthday and I decided to make a D4P block.  I used 4 charm squares out of her batik Bobbins and Bits fabric.  Here are the photos:

 I did a D4P tutorial in June 2010 on my blog.

I ended up with a difference in the last seams and I tried to pull them together...
so now a decision....
rip it out and hope it improves with a new seam?
just leave it?  I am tempted to leave it as in the past when I change something it gets worse!
Anyone reading this....what would you do?  Thanks for any suggestions.

Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Update:  thanks for the input...I did send this block to Pat.


  1. I would leave it. It is noticeable! Love the block.

  2. I would leave it. It looks perfect to me! Very pretty.

  3. Can't see a thing wrong with it. I say leave it. Love the fabrics. And I want to make a whole quilt with the D4patch. sigh...so many quilts...so little time


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