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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Christmas in July...a finish + liberated log cabin and other projects

 I just had to start and finish a Christmas project in July.  I had some of this fabric left from when I made tabletoppers in 2011 and 2013 and I made one similar to the ones I made back then.  I used machine quilting and hand quilting.

 The back of the mat is Debbie Mumm fabric.
 Here is a photo of half of the batting cut off close to the stitching.  I used the backing as a binding.  I cut it 1" from the outside of the mat and folded over halfway and pressed.  Then I clipped and pinned and did a machine stitch around the outside edge.  I used #332 on my Bernina.  That is the same stitch I used to quilt down the center and across the middle.
 Here is the little quilt I got so excited to start back in June when I watched an old show on TQS.  I blogged about it in this blog post   I was going to make it larger but changed my mind.  It is really difficult to piece something not straight and then try to get the outside fairly straight!  I thought improv making up whatever I wanted would be easier....but there has to be some kind of plan!  I am hand quilting it....fun....fun!  I am calling it Not All Solids.
I decided to do some big stitch quilting on this rail quilt that I had machine quilted about half so far....many many years ago!   I needed some hand work to do.  The tutorial I watched is
https://crafty.house/big-stitch-quilting/     I will go back to machine quilting when I practice some more....I have gotten very rusty with not doing it!!!
This photo is from my 2019 Artfully Inspired Life journal with the class I am taking with Joanne Sharpe.  It is the January page (she says we are NEVER behind)....and under the window shutters are my goals I wrote out for this year.  I had written them in January and just copied into my book this week!  The little shutters were made using my sticker machine and the acrylic papers I had painted and cut into tiny strips!.

I am so excited that I am NOW able to see The Quilt Show and my ruzuku classes on our big TV screen in the living room using Amazon Fire Box.  Really a great way to watch and get my steps at the same time.  Healthy eating and getting my walking exercise every day is a very important part of each day!

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Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Monday, July 1, 2019

Red, white and blue patriotic quilt finish

 This is the quilt I finished last week!!
 This is the quilt top before quilting it.  AND three photos of closeups of top, middle and bottom.

 I quilted with the serpentine stitch 4 vertical and 5 horizontal rows...I wanted to do minimal quilting.

The next photo shows how I finished the quilt.  I cut off the batting close to the quilt and then cut 1" beyond the quilt of the flag backing fabric.
 I pressed the edge of the backing in half and folded over the top and held it with clips.
 I used red, white and blue thread for the quilting and binding.  AND I used #332 stitch on my machine for the backing/binding.   You can see it in the foreground on the next photo.
 Next....the finished quilt showing the three photos I used for the first photo in this blog post.

I started this many years ago and put it away........and I finally got it done!  9½" x 34".

Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Thursday, June 27, 2019

crazy improv quilt mat finish and other projects

 I made this little mat to sit on top of a cabinet in our bedroom.  The cabinet belonged to my dad.  I used the same fabrics and technique as I did last summer with the other mat I made for our bedroom furniture.
 It is crazy improvisaional and from a Bluprint class.  The next photo shows the back with the crazy matrix quilting.  So fun and so easy!
 There are so many interesting classes online.  Several weeks ago I watched The Quilt Show #2310 with Lynn Carson Harris.  She was using tiny bits of scraps.  Her liberated log cabin caught my eye and I couldn't stop thinking about it and had to start piecing little pieces together.  This is what I have so far.
 Sew Sampler this month had a pressing mat that I really like.
 I enjoy classes by Joanne Sharpe online.  I got the idea from her of cutting out letters out of magazines to use for journals, scrapbooks....and I used some for a card.  Very fun to search for letters larger than a penny.
 The following photo is the two pages of assignments from the class...2019 Artfully Inspired Life with Joanne Sharpe.  The background is acrylic layering.
 I used a practice journal to check out different acrylic paints for class projects and decided to use a white pen and doodle!  The following photos are of two pages I have done.

That's it for now!!   Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Friday, May 31, 2019

some of my projects

 Time to me to catch up blogging....I have photos of some of the things I have been working on since my last blog post.  The first two photos are for the Gypsy Wife quilt....puss in the corner and square in a square bordered.  The last time I worked on this quilt was the beginning of March!
 I receive the Sew Sampler box every month and one month was the BasiX ruler and I did a trial of using it with some fabric.........it is a fun ruler to use and I may try another project with it.
 The Mai Tai quilt project came in another Sew Sampler box.  This is really fun to make.  I started it using the charm packs that came in the box.  The Add-A-Quarter PLUS is a handy tool.
 Here is a photo of the first block I made.  I have others I am working on between other projects.
 I tried out the Triangles on a Roll for the first time.  A very fun way to make HSTs!!
 I have a subscription to Bluprint and watch a lot of different classes on a lot of different topics and I like to try out some of the projects.
The next two photos are mini quilts  from Suzy Williams class  Fabric Play Sewing Mojo Minis.
 I am doing a mixture of machine quilting and hand quilting.  These are improv and such a fun way to make quilts!!!  There are two others in this class that I will probably make too....just for fun! 
There are a lot of other things I have been doing with quilting....journaling....painting...but I don't have photos yet of anything else.  For sure....I am never bored....I have a lot of projects I really...really like to do!!!
Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Thursday, February 21, 2019

mug rug finishes and another Gypsy Wife block

 I finished this mug rug a week ago on Valentine's Day.  It is the one I discussed in my previous blog post.  I called it hugs and kisses mug rug.  I used several stamps for the images and colored with Inktense pencils and fabric medium.  The center heart was stamped with Fabrico garnet fabric ink pad.  The left two were stamped with Versa Craft black ink pad.  The bottom right was stamped with Versa color violet.
Such fun....I want to do more projects with images on fabric and coloring!
Photo is the back of the mug rug...Susan Winget old fabric....I still love it!!

 I had some scraps left from previous projects and made a patchwork mug rug.  I quilted the top and batting together and then added 1¼" strips first to the sides and then the top and bottom.
 I like this easy kind of finish by putting the back and front together and stitch, turn and then topstitch around the edge.  I used a 4.0 stitch around the top edge.
 A plate of yummy chocolate Kodiak donuts on a clear glass plate on top of an older placemat I made several years ago.  The recipe for these is in my other blog
Here is another block for the Gypsy Wife quilt.  I got in a hurry and didn't trim one of the HST's properly and I thought I could make it work when I sewed the pieces together...I may do it over.
And here is a photo of what I received in the Sew Sampler box today.  Fun stuff!!

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Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Monday, February 11, 2019

scrappy strips, Gypsy Wife and mug rug

 Projects I am working on this past week.  I did 3 more blocks for the scrappy strips around the cabin and I might make these blocks a little larger.  I am making different size blocks and I will see how it all fits.  Just....deciding as I go.  That is the fun way to make blocks.............
 Another block for the Gypsy Wife quilt along....square in a square.
Hugs and kisses mug rug in progress.  I did some stamping and then added pieces of fabric.  I started coloring the hearts with an Inktense pencil.  AND I want to add glitter.  I added some fabric medium to stickles on a fabric sample and that is what I will add to this.  I should have done the finishing on the stamped areas first BEFORE I added the rest of the pieces....but I was in a hurry to see how it looked.  Now I am practicing on scrap pieces of fabric so I don't ruin this piece!

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Smiles and hugs....Caryl

Monday, February 4, 2019

friendship bag, Gypsy Wife and scrappy strips

 Here is the friendship bag I finished today.  It is part of an ugly fabric challenge...but I don't think the fabric is ugly!  I used the "ugly" fabric in the strips, the bottom and the lining.
 I used the tutorial from psiquilt.  This photo shows when it was ready to quilt.  I used Bosal to make the bag stiffer than batting.
 Right sides clipped together to sew the lining and the bag.
 I took the plastic insert out of my sewing table to make joining the two pieces sooooo much easier.  I have made bags before and have never thought of taking out that plastic piece.  I am mentioning this because there might be others who haven't thought of it.

In this photo I used a flash to get a brighter photo.
 This photo is the hourglass with 2 borders in the Gypsy Wife quilt I am making.  I joined the 2019 Gypsy Wife quiltalong.  It just started this last Saturday.
 This is a simple block to make.....we have great tutorials in this group to help everyone.
 I had to take a photo of the back...."spin" the seam to make the seams lay down so nice.
The last photo I call scrappy strips around the cabin blocks.  I am using up scraps to do log cabin style piecing and the blocks will be different sizes.

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Smiles and hugs....Caryl