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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

31 day August challenge

A new month.........time to renew/change/evaluate...

I have decided not to continue with the weekly goals on this blog and not post every Tuesday to the linky party.  I have done 69 weeks of posting goals....and before that I used to try to finish by Friday for the linky party.  It was a great motivator for me for a lot of years.....but now I want to do something different.  

Note for those who read my last post.....Yesterday I did an update on my last blog post and added a photo of the two fabrics I used for the crazy mini quilt.  I am sure most everyone was wondering how did I come up with that quilt!!.  

I really enjoyed posting on IG every day in August for the challenge by Joanne Sharpe  in her online class to make some kind of creative play artwork every day.  I usually made the decision each day what creative project I would do and many days I did several projects and decided which one to take a photo and post to IG.

Yesterday for the last day of August I worked on three projects that I had started earlier in the month.  Two of them were doodle painting and using pens....one using twinkling H2Os. The other project was using the sheet of faux oil cloth and cut it into different size pieces and sew then on painted papers.  These were ideas from Joanne Sharpe classes over the past few years.  Here is the photo from yesterday.  My IG is carylquilts if you want to see all 31 days of projects.

Smiles and hugs....Caryl

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