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Monday, July 1, 2019

Red, white and blue patriotic quilt finish

 This is the quilt I finished last week!!
 This is the quilt top before quilting it.  AND three photos of closeups of top, middle and bottom.

 I quilted with the serpentine stitch 4 vertical and 5 horizontal rows...I wanted to do minimal quilting.

The next photo shows how I finished the quilt.  I cut off the batting close to the quilt and then cut 1" beyond the quilt of the flag backing fabric.
 I pressed the edge of the backing in half and folded over the top and held it with clips.
 I used red, white and blue thread for the quilting and binding.  AND I used #332 stitch on my machine for the backing/binding.   You can see it in the foreground on the next photo.
 Next....the finished quilt showing the three photos I used for the first photo in this blog post.

I started this many years ago and put it away........and I finally got it done!  9½" x 34".

Smiles and hugs....Caryl

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