“Friendship, love, health, energy, enthusiasm, and joy
are the things that make life worth living and exploring.” ~ Denise Austin

Sunday, January 5, 2014

My word for 2014


This is the word I have picked for 2014.  I shared this on Pat Sloan's mashup group on the 1st.

I want to continue improving healthy habits of exercise and eating.  This will result in my losing the weight (Weight Watchers works when you follow the program).  I want to get my projects that I have started closer to being finished.  I want to go through closets and drawers and check all the spaces to make sure those areas are only for things I am using.  Making everything more efficient is what I am wanting for this year.
There are lots of new things I want to start.  I want to make cards again using stitching/quilting and do more zendoodles.  My list goes on and on.....................

Tell me what your word is for 2014.

Smiles and hugs....Caryl


  1. Love that word...I aspire to that one too! My word? Timelyness! Is that a word? Anyway, that is what I am shooting for this year!

  2. Great word. I think I forgot mine already. ;) I blame it on the severe cold/flu I have had for what seems like forever already. That is my story......


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