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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Beatrix Potter figurines

Since Susan Branch is visiting in Beatrix Potter country now.................... it reminded me to show some of my BP figurines... My favorite is Hunca Munca with her babies.... just love that figurine....this display is on a shelf in my bathroom... and on the wall below the shelf is the framed Hunca Munca and babies.... In the photo frames are photos of me in the early 90s with Duke and Mandy... And the last photo is me with them later in the 90s.... still miss those two little precious dogs....so glad to have the photos... I don't collect figurines anymore....but I do enjoy looking at them.... at some point I will sell these as I don't know anyone in my family that would want them... but for now....they will keep making me happy when I look at them!! Smiles and hugs....Caryl

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  1. i love my beatrix potter figurines and they come out during easter when they dine with us. my grands love them but like you, i do not think that anybody will want them when the time comes. so sad


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